I’m starting to think that I need to get on the public relations team for this guy because since getting his book into my little hands, I have been telling the world (well, OK, anyone who will listen) that they need to make it a very top priority to get the book.

The book? “Sacred Sex”. The author? Tim Alan Gardner.

Now, let me just say on the front end that the book is intended for married couples and so if you are a husband or wife who’s battling with porn, adultery, or any other kind of lust (passion and lust are not the same thing, ya’ll), it is absolutely imperative that you make the investment. It addresses topics like “The Big ‘O’ Is Not Orgasm” and “True Sexual Freedom”.

I’m sure some skeptics would question why I would recommend a sex book of any kind to people with sexual addiction issues. Well, to this skeptics I say this: At times, it can be very (very, very, VERY) difficult to let something go without having something to replace it with. If you didn’t take the time to read the long (really long) Beowulf devotional, one of the things I said was that it would be crazy to put two (currently active) crack heads in a marriage and expect it to be successful and yet sexually, that is what we do all of the time.

Many of us have allowed pop culture, music, porn, Cosmo, our dysfunctional families and for some, our jacked up religious upbringing to define sexuality for us and the information we’ve gotten about God’s purpose and truest intention HAS BEEN ALL WRONG. Then, we link up with someone else who is just as clueless (if not more) and intimacy as we know it—both in and out of the bedroom—jacks us up.

Some of you right now have two browsers open: one is on this site and the other is on a porn site. A part of the reason why you are drawn to the porn is because that is what you have been conditioned to think the epitome of sex to be. I am recommending this book as a substitute…an alternative…a reconditioning. I guarantee it will put you on the road towards changing your life.
Which is why I recommend this book to singles as well.

If, like me, you are a “lustaholic in recovery”, I know this journey towards sexual wholeness is not easy. But, as I am spending time with this book, I am realizing that because I have had sex, but never “holy sex”, what I am mourning is not so much the activity, but the old me. Like any drug, “single sex” (I am working on an article about that as we speak) took so much more from me than it gave. What “Sacred Sex” is doing is showing me what God desires for me to have: a love, an intimacy, a sexual relationship that blesses and not curses me. In a nut shell, this book provides me with a tangible hope.

A very wise friend of mine once said, “When you know something for sure, God will do supernatural things to affirm your faith while you wait.” Singles, while you are waiting for your king or queen, make it a point to purge all of the foolishness that you have come to know. You don’t want a porn star or a pimp to be your companion in life. You want a healthy, spiritual, focused, WHOLE (in every way) person to assist you on life’s journey and if you love them…if you REALLY, REALLY love them, you will want to be that same kind of person upon their arrival.

Porn, erotica, promiscuity will not get you there. This book won’t totally either, but trust me, it’s a GREAT place to start, so close that other browser out and open one up to Amazon.com and place your order. It’s sooooooooo worth it.