This is a happy day for me, ya’ll!

Although it’s still in need of some fine tuning, I wanted to let everyone know that the website for “my (creative) baby” is up.Â

Earlier this year, God woke me up with the idea to create an organization for women who consider themselves to be survivors of sexual abuse and sexual misuse.  It’s called, Butterfly Angel and the name came from a South African queen (she just doesn’t know it yet) who is going through her own journey of transitioning from victim to survivor.  When I shared with her that butterflies are the symbol of sexual abuse survivors, she wrote me a poem called My Butterfly Angel.

Anyway, I know this is a quick blog today, mostly because the site pretty much explains it all.  When you get a chance, go to and be sure to tell a friend about it as well.  Great, great, GREAT things are in store so be sure to stay tuned.

(I’ll get back to my rambling, rants and raves later this week…)