My dear brothers and sisters, do not be fooled about this. Every
good action and every perfect gift is from God
These good gifts come down from the Creator of the sun, moon, and
stars, who does not change like their shifting shadows. God decided
to give us life through the word of truth so we might be the most
important of all the things he made.”—James 1:16-18 (NCV)


God’s gifts put
man’s best dreams to shame.”—Elizabeth Barrett Browning



I know I said I was taking a break. I AM. I just wanted to share
something briefly with you guys—and gals. My mother often says
that there are blessings that you get on the Sabbath day (Friday
sunset-Saturday sunset) ONLY because that is
that God blessed and hallowed…the day that he set apart. (Isaiah
58:13-14) I have always believed that, but I want to give a brief
testament to what I received by honoring it today.

it comes to gift giving, I have always been big on
presentation—down to the very fine details. My friends have
complimented me for being this way. I have always believed that the
wrapping of a gift is just as important as the gift itself. It shows
that you care…that you invested…that you took out special time
and effort…and, it makes what’s inside seem just that much more

last night I was talking to my mom about how I was
finally getting away from the fear that God would bring some man I wasn’t
(holistically) attracted to as my mate. A big part of the reason is
because as I am maturing spiritually, I see things from a different
perspective when it comes to the physical…what is beautiful to me
now comes with a purpose other than simply “it turns me on”. (For
instance, a tall man I think represents also being “over me” in
the spirit realm, especially due to the kind of calling that I have
on my life. I need to have a “tall in stature” king to handle
it…and me. In this season, my flesh doesn’t just sit well with
this but my spirit is at peace with this desire, too.) In response
to my release of anxiety in this area my mother said, “Good.
Besides, why would God do that to you, Shellie?” (“That” being
give me something I don’t want.)

but it was today that I really got to taste and see my Father….how
good God really is to me when I put my trust in him. (Psalm 34:8)

was talking to one of my spiritual sisters about our future mates.
Do you ever have moments when you are talking, but you
know it is the spirit of God coming out of your mouth? A couple of weeks
ago, a friend of mine received “tha bomb” proposal from her
fiance’. It included a vintage jag, an outfit, roses, cards, a red
carpet, dinner, an unbelievable diamond…
However, what really stood out to me personally was that her fiance’
had the wrapping paper that her gifts came in CUSTOM DESIGNED. (Hold
on to that.)

again, I am a presentation girl and so I loved that a man would be
that detailed…that attentive…that thorough…that he knew his love well enough to know that how
he presented her presents
were just as vital to the culmination of what he wanted to give her.
When it comes to me and my friends, we tend to speak in metaphors and
analogies often in order to make our point. As I was talking to my
mom last night and my sister today, I told them that when it came to
my future husband, I didn’t want to be the kind of person who gets a
check for Christmas so that I could do my own shopping. You know,
the girl who has the “down to the wire” list of what she wants.
There’s certainly nothing “wrong” with that, it’s just not
my preference. No, I would rather be the girl who is totally surprised
by what my Father has for me. (After all, if anyone can give a gift,
it would be God, right?)

an image came to mind of a gift wrapped so beautifully that I was
cautious even to open it. A gift that the presenter took so much
time to package up that just looking at “the box” would take my
breath away…

started screaming into the phone. “
That is what my husband is going to be like!” I said to my friend. God
knows that presentations are just as important to me as the present
itself. He gave me that gift as a mirror reflection of him. (Genesis
1:26-27) I’m big on presentation…and you know what? SO IS HE.

also funny is that when people ask me when I think my husband is
coming, for awhile I have said, “I think it’s the Eve of Christmas
Eve.” Just last night, I said to my mom, “You know what? I
think it’s Christmas Eve now.”

today, God gave me that visual—I believe to let me know that he was
in agreement.

course, who knows how long “Eve” will last. Timing is his
business. (Acts 1:7—Message) But I remember being a little girl on
Christmas Eve and looking at the beautiful packages under the tree
knowing that it may not be time to open them
but they were there for me to look at…and very soon to have.

Kings and Queens, as you go into this week, I encourage you to be at
peace with the fact that God is the Master Presenter. When he said
that he could do above all that we could ask or think (Ephesians
3:20), that our eyes have not seen nor have our ears heard what God
has prepared for those who love him (I Corinthians 2:9), HE MEANT IT.
He’s all about the gift…and the wrappings AND he knows us all well
enough to know what will catch our eye (the wrapping) and hold our
attention (the gift).

don’t think I could have received a better
message…reminder…assurance from God this holiday season; that God
is not the “steak on a garbage lid” kind of giver…that he’s
CUSTOM DESIGNING something so beautiful (to me) that I will find
myself wanting to stand and behold it before even touching it…a
gift that’s wrapping will make what’s inside all the more

Because he too is
that detailed…that attentive…that thorough. (Luke 12:7) That, as Jonathan was with his fiance’,
Phonethip, God knows me well enough to know that how he presents my
“husband” will be just as vital to the culmination of the gift
that his heart will be to me.


Christmas, ya’ll.