Any of various large birds of prey of the New World family
Cathartidae or of the Old World family Accipitridae,
characteristically having dark plumage and a featherless head and
neck and generally feeding on carrion; A PERSON OF A RAPACIOUS,

Let me just go ahead and put it right on out there. The saying that
it takes one to know one? That applies here. However, I am currently
within a season of where God is exorcising a lot of these demonic
spirits and so that is why I feel mentally comfortable and
spiritually confident to call this JEZEBEL SPIRIT right on out.
Vultures. And, not just any kind: the human female variety. I can’t
stand ’em. And you shouldn’t, either. You know the kind:

swarm around men…like hunters in search of their prey.

they do “hone in” on one (and I’ll share with you in a minute the
kind that they get), they sink their newly-manicured claws—oh, I’m
sorry, NAILS into the flesh of their souls.

and they usually travel in packs…too scared to hunt alone.

seen them in clubs…you’ve seen them in church…where haven’t you
seen them? In their little, slinky dresses, they are often batting
their eyes with a hint of innocence and a residue of brokenness.
They seemingly can’t go anywhere without getting at least one number
or the promise of a prospect.


actually, this ain’t about them so much as it’s about the prey that
they hunt. If, like me, you are a “vulture-in-recovery” and/or
you find yourself at best, irritated and at worst, threatened when
you are in the presence of one that is still caught up in the
lifestyle, let me share with you some food for thought. As I was
doing a lil’ research on the lives on vultures (the real bird kind),
when it comes to their “catches”, there’s something significant
that I discovered. And, if you pay close attention, you can get
delivered from the emotional drama and trauma that these kinds of
women evoke…IMMEDIATELY. According to

[vultures] hunt by sight, staying high in the air for hours and
watching for bodies of animals that have died or have been killed by
predators. They also follow other vultures descending to feed. A few
of the New World vultures have a well-developed sense of smell to
detect decaying flesh…Vultures feed almost entirely on carrion,
although they occasionally attack newborn or wounded living animals.”

hunt by sight and can circle around for hours.

watch for the bodies of the dead or those that have been killed…BY

follow other vultures.

have a sense of smell to detect decaying flesh.

can feed on the entire being, but will, at times, attack newborns and

for the super-observant, you should be able to move on to the next
thing to read, because that already spoke volumes (didn’t it?!?), but
if you’re still wondering where I am going with this, I want to take
out a moment to focus on the last point. To be the kind of woman
with a vulture spirit means that you have a predatory one. From a
biblical perspective, that is already out of order. But, because I
know there are people who read this who don’t use the Bible as their
life instruction book, I will futher illustrate this in “parable”

woman on the hunt…she can’t be trusted. She’s not looking for
love. She’s looking to conquer. But you see, the thing that really
caught me up was that if a man falls for her wiles, a healthy woman
shouldn’t feel bad about it. If a man is into a woman with a vulture
spirit, he is either:

(deprived of life; lacking sensitivity of feeling; insensitive)


(marred; impaired; damaged)


I realize is that for a long time, even as I was purging this
foolishness from my psyche, I wasn’t realizing that a good man, a
stable man, a healthy man…A GROWN, LIVING, COMPLETE MAN is not going
to give these kinds of women the time of day because to do so implies
that something is severely fractionated within his own character. I
mean, really. A woman who travels in packs who circles around you
in search of gaining your personal space…attention…affection?


Y’all know that I can go on forever, but really, as I’m typing this,
I’ve been freed…delivered…released. The Vulture Spirit is gone
and so is the intimidation that other female, human vultures leave
behind. Next time I see a man giving that kind of woman some play
(and discernment will tell you who is and who ain’t…trust me), I’m
gonna kindly walk away thanking God that he thought enough of me to
keep me away from the dead…the newborn…the wounded. Besides,
there is one good thing about vultures…they clear all of the male
decay away. (Ha!)

good man’s hard to find? Not really.

look for the one who’s not standing the midst of vultures.

one whose spirit is alive…well…and FULLY MATURE.


R. Warren/2009