Yeah. Well.

You know how it is…

In the midst of my web surfing, I read an article enttiled, “Jesus Ain’t Your Boyfriend” and I would *wholeheartedly agree*. Although not for the same reasons as the article stated. A lot of what the author said was based in sarcasm (which the site is known for), but the intro paragraph was still definitely stellar:

“Listen up, Christian ladies. You know why you’re still single? It’s because you’ve fallen so madly in love with Jesus that you’ve left no room in your heart for the godly-but-still-tainted-by-sin real dudes who are desperate to marry you.”

Personally, I believe that Jesus is *quite real* and I do love him. But, the Word also teaches me that he is divine; that although he came in human form, his purpose was for my salvation (John 3:16), not so that we could date (eww). Plus, there is plenty of research that speaks to the fact that he is the Son of our Father, which makes him our brother and as an added bonus, being that he and the Father are one (John 10:30, I John 5:7), Christ is also our Lord.

So where did all of the “He’s my man” stuff come from? I don’t know what (probably single) woman did, but it’s pretty darn sacrireligious from where I discern. Personally, I believe that when we speak this *biblical untruth*, not only are we not honoring Christ for who is *really is* to be in our lives, but we’re also setting ourselves up to be *really disappointed* when the man we were created to help doesn’t turn out to be as flawless as the one that he *tries* to model his life after.

Which actually brings up another good point. A wife is to be a “helper” to her husband (Genesis 2:18) and if you actually do believe in having boyfriends, then aren’t you basically spending time trying to see if you are the *right help* for them? And really, what “help” does Christ need in order to be a better individual? God himself said that he created a woman so that man would not be alone. Christ is not alone. He has the Father and the Holy Spirit to keep him company. He’s good.

And what about “The Maker is your husband” (Isaiah 54:5)? Well, as with most words, “husband” has a variety of meanings. I’ve done some research. I believe this is in reference to God being our *manager*. Because again, what kind of helpmate does the Most High need? Especially in the form of a flawed and fleshly woman?

I know some people/denominations think it’s cool to be “married to God”. I’m still waiting on where, in the Bible, someone did that. Plus, I have also read that a lot of the people who attempt it tend to fall into some really strange sexual habits because something else that God is, is a Spirit (John 4:24). Sex was created for *two humans* to engage in.

Bottom line, ladies…

God is love and so if you’re single, yes, wait on him. But don’t disillusion yourself into thinking that what you’re waiting on is for him to *marry you*. *Actually* what you’re waiting on is for your Father to bring you, *his daughter*, a man. Not the Son of God, but a member of the royal priesthood (I Peter 2:9). Someone probably as flawed as you so that you can *help him out*.

Because really, if Jesus was our boyfriend, why would so many of us still be praying for a husband? Shouldn’t “dating Jesus” be enough?

My point exactly.