I was reading an article earlier this morning entitled, “Can Romance Be Reduced to Pronouns?“, which was basically talking about *how* someone communicates, using various pronouns, speaks of their intentions within the relationship. Yeah. There’s *no tellin’* how much pain/drama/wasted time could be spared if we *really were* “swift to hear and slow to speak” (James 1:19-20).

OK, so that got me to thinking about what happens/doesn’t happen to get people to be like, “Yeah, I could see this happening” or “No! Absolutely not!”

Then I recalled a youth pastor that I used to check out when I was in Facebook world and I went to look up one of his video blogs: “Top 10 Things Girls Do to Turn Me Off”:

*This* caused me to wonder about something. With a twist. There are guys that I know who separate women into two categories: “girls to mess with” and “girls not to mess with…because they are wife potential”. Yet, what trips me out is that they *full on pursue* “Door #1” and *totally avoid…almost like the plague* “Door #2”. Being that Proverbs 5 describes sexually immoral women as “Her steps lay hold of hell” (Proverbs 5:5-NKJV), it seems to me that things should be *the total opposite*. But that’s just me (LOL). After all, a wise man by the name of Tryon Edwards once said that, “Hell is truth seen too late.” I guess some people have to learn the hard way, eh?

Anyway, here’s what I’m wondering. I’m thinking (or maybe it’s assuming) that a lot of, at least Christian guys, are in agreement with what Pastor Justin is saying is a turn off when it comes to relationship building with women. However, what are the *turn ons* when it comes to the women you decide are “Door #1”? In other words, what makes you decide that you would rather settle by being in a sexually compromised relationship with one chick rather than *wait* and have a relationship and sex within covenant with someone else? Yeah. It may seem *obvious*…but if you really think it through…maybe not.

That’s for the fellas…

For the ladies, especially since it usually takes more than good looks to hold our attention, if you have sexual boundaries already established, what *turns you on* about a guy enough to break ’em?

Sound off…