Sidenote: Although Woo wrote this with Valentine’s Day in mind, I remember back in my “hook-up days” that a lot of times, things didn’t “pop off” until the weekend and so, that’s why I’m posting this now. If Valentine’s Day didn’t go as planned or desired and you’re tempted to make something happen this weekend, Woo’s perspective just might give you something to think about.-SRW

There are several holidays that generally most people don’t want to spend alone. Besides Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, Valentine’s Day sits heavily at the top of that list. Valentine’s Day is a big one because it highlights the declaration of love one has for another. Some also view this day as one that highlights them being alone or single thus being the reason why it has been coined “National Single’s Day.” Now my question is who coined it this…a bitter person or someone who had been through their fair share of ups and downs and now enjoys being by themselves?

 Valentine’s Day is usually one of those holidays that you don’t want to spend alone. No matter how much you may chant “you don’t need or want nobody,” “I can take myself out to eat” or whatever mantra you come up with to soothe your aching soul you still desire companionship. I believe a lot of people would like to be in the company of someone on this day. You would love for someone to shower you with roses or have balloons and chocolates awaiting your arrival at your desk when you got to work. You would love it if someone told you that you had dinner reservations later on that evening, so don’t make any plans.  Or it would be great if someone had a little bear or cute stuffed animal wrapped in a red bow with a heart and inscription that reads “I Love You,”“Be Mine” or whatever phrase that pays to get you feeling all gooey on the inside. You would love it if someone presented you with these types of gifts of gestures. Why? Because it makes you feel wanted or desired and who doesn’t want to feel wanted and desired?

I’m not one to put myself out there where I feel like I will be rejected. I’m one that waits to see if there is a mutual interest then proceed forward. I’m usually never the one that’s makes the first move unless I’m feeling real advantageous, flirty or playful and those instances are few and far in between. For me, Valentine’s Day is just another day. I don’t do much to hook up on this day. I’m not accustomed to doing so. I’m not used to making a big fuss about the day. If I don’t get a card, chocolates or a stuffed animal, I’m fine. To be honest with you, I can’t remember the last time I had a Valentine, so this day is no big deal for me. If I come across someone who would enjoy my company or shower me with gifts on this day, I’d gratefully appreciate it. Other I’ll precede with my day just if it was February 13th or 16th…just another day.

 I’m just sayin…