Everybody Has Issues

Some people were taught how to deal with them healthily by addressing them, processing them, and learning from them. However, the vast majority were not taught those valuable lessons. Rather than healing from the heartbreak, you might have been taught to avoid it. Instead of managing your stress, you might run from it.

We all go through things in life, but until we learn to process life’s difficulties, we will find ourselves running from them. I hate stress! I always have and always will. I used to turn to drugs and alcohol to numb out. I didn’t know why I always wanted to drink an entire bottle of wine until I could forget about whatever it was that was stressing me out until I had a conversation with God. He showed me that there was a place of pain in me that I needed to heal. I ran from stress because, as a child, our household was very stressful. There was a lot of anger, yelling, and cursing. There was no grace, no love, and no mercy.

I looked forward to going to school each day because I hated being home. Our home was a place of uncertainty. When things were calm, I anxiously awaited the next outburst. I was never at peace when I was at home. So, as an adult, when moments of high-stress came into my life, I wanted to run from them. God forbid me to feel that stress that once tormented me as a child. However, God does not forbid moments of stress, but He does promise us rest if we seek Him. Immense pressure was a trigger that made me run to drugs and alcohol to avoid the feeling of it.

Your Painful Moments Have Purpose

God began to show me that in those moments of stress, He was preparing me for something much more significant, and instead of running from it, I needed to run to Him. He is the giver of peace; He is the healer. He is our great-counselor. Drugs and alcohol could offer me nothing in comparison to what God could give me. Drugs and alcohol can provide me temporary relief as they mask the pain I am running from, whereas God can heal the pain so that I never have to run from it again.


What Are You Running From?

My question for you is, what are you running from? When you spend hours watching pornography to numb out, why do you do that? Just as God spoke to me and reminded me that the things I once ran to could merely mask my pain, but He could heal me of it; I believe He wants you to walk with that same revelation. Porn is a mask, but God is your healer.

Maybe the uncertainties of COVID19 have led you back to porn, or perhaps your marriage isn’t thriving, so you’ve turned to porn to avoid the issues rather than face them head-on. I don’t know what’s been going on in your life that has cut you so deeply that you’ve felt the need to escape, but God does, and He wants to heal you and free you. Doesn’t that sound great?!

I want to encourage you to grow in God. He cares about the condition of your heart because it determines the course of your life. He wants to restore your family, bring peace to your soul, comfort you in your brokenness, and deliver you from both addictions and bad habits.

Every day, I seek God through worship, prayer, and then I read the Bible. Because of COVID19, I have had extra time to read a few self-improvement books as well. My soul is prospering! Not because I numb out, but because I am no longer afraid to face my problems and fears. I don’t let them consume me; I don’t run from them; I seek God and wise counsel. Both of which are important. You need God, and you need wise counsel. Who is on your team?

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