It seems like porn is getting a lot of cinematic attention right through here.

1) Take the trailer that I saw for “Don Jon” that I recently saw, for example. I’m actually going to attach the link for it here. I think it’s well written and one of the lines that I appreciated the most in it was the one that addressed that porn is not a *relationship*. There is no mutuality in it. It just takes and takes. Hmph. Kind of makes me think about how John 10:10 talks about how Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.

2) Which brings me to another movie about porn (more specifically about the film “Deepthroat”) called “Lovelace” and an interview that I peeped with the actress Amanda Seyfried on her role in it (she plays Linda Lovelace). What she said is pretty on point: “Knowing now what Linda had gone through and what a lot of people have gone through — still, around the world today, much less so in the United States — women are coerced into it,” Seyfried said, diving into the not-so-fun side of porn. “Women are objectified and they’ll always be objectified, unfortunately. That’s the dark side of it. They don’t necessarily want to be there, some of them. The idea of that is enough to turn you off completely.” (

3) Which is a good segue into another article I read that asks (yet again) how porn differs from “real sex”. Something that I’m finding to be more and more interesting is how in the midst of the world defending porn, they seem to make statements right along with the X3Church mission: “Pornography is a paid, professional performance by actors. It is a fantasy, it is not meant to be a rulebook and guidebook or a how to as a general rule. And it goes to show how poor our sex education is in this country that people are reduced to looking at an entertainment medium for information about the body.” Poor sex education at home. Poor sex education at school. Poor sex education at church. I agree, I agree. (Huffington Post)

4) I also read a piece written by a homosexual who watches porn. And while I don’t/can’t relate to him on many levels (and for many reasons), I must admit that some parts of his commentary entitled “Of Porn and Pride” were straight on (no pun intended). A lot of times, we focus on how women are objectified—like somehow it’s OK for men to be (ridiculous). As a homosexual man, he raises this point: “If you’re a gay man reading this, the next time you come across a scene where the presumably straight actor calls his screen partner a ‘faggot,’ and snarls at him ‘this is what you want, isn’t it?’ I implore you to answer ‘No!’ No, this is not what I want: Enough of us have actually experienced being treated like s–t by straight guys in real life; let’s have a little more pride than paying for the privilege of watching porn that features the same script with a different cast.” Men have been abused in enough in real life to not want to watch it in their fantasy world. That’s actually not a resolve based on sexual preference. Definitely something to think about. (

5) And finally, I just wanted to share this for those who still believe that the main purpose of marital sex is for the sake of procreation (even though Adam and Eve had sex in the Garden of Eden and didn’t procreate and who knows how long that was). I was reading about the kind of starfish that are hermaphrodites. It seems like such a sad little existence (LOL). So married folks, please remember that *sex is a gift* where you are able to become one with your partner in every way. If God wanted you to use it solely for procreation, well…he would’ve made you to be a Parvulastra parvivipara or a Parvulastra vivipara. Thank your lucky stars tonight that he chose otherwise. (Discovery)