Can you believe it?

We’re on the brink of a new month and some content changes on the site. But before we get out of August, let’s take one more look. At it.

1) Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to porn actor Cameron Bay who recently tested positive for HIV. As the porn industry is “on pause”, it’s our hope that they’ll think about more than what porn does to the bodies of the actors but the spirits of them too. Sex is not supposed to harm a person. That was never God’s intention. Unfortunately, I think a lot of us have forgotten both points (that sex is a healthy thing and that God invented it). (The Guardian)

2) Joe Francis. Yeah. Well. There’s lots to say but I’ll leave it at this: Due to the fact that I counsel couples, I did check out some episodes of him on VH1’s Couples Therapy and while I never thought I’d say this, he has more in common with church folks than they might want to ever admit or accept. When you are hiding past demons, childhood abuse and neglect and bitterness, you tend to lash out in all kinds of cryptic ways. For Joe, it was the abuse of women, obviously in all kinds of ways. Let him be a lesson to us all that if you don’t deal (and I mean *really deal*) with your stuff, it will deal with you. I will definitely be curious to see what 270 days of jail time does to/for him. (If he even does a month. You know how the system can sometimes be.) (USA Today)

3) Well, if you’re curious to know what kind of porn your state is most interested in, there is a porn site that released a ton of their data. I’m still processing it. Apparently in the Southern states “ebony” is big. Other than in Texas where “teen” is all the rage and Kentucky (Kentucky?!?) when they like “hentai”. California enjoys “Asian” most. But if you look on the map, do you know what the most popular fetish is? Well, I’ll just let you go to Daily Dot’s website and see. Like I said, I’m still processing.

4) Miley Cyrus. *sigh* I’m going to actually attach a link to a parody story on her that was featured on The Onion back in 2008 that actually predicted (hmph, more like prophesied) that the media attention was going to be too overwhelming for her. If you saw her recent MTV performance, honestly there was nothing “sexy” about it. It was actually very sad and as someone who currently knows about two teenagers who are pregnant AND the back story that led up to it, regardless of what anyone (Miley included) is saying, Miley is hurting. And no Justin Timberlake (who, from what I hear, was basically the only “safe performance” of the night), twerking on people’s husbands is not a sign of “being grown” and “having fun”. It’s a cry for help. I hope someone answers. Hollywood can be a bit interesting when it comes to dealing with these kinds of…emergencies. (Vigilant Citizen, The Onion)

5) Let’s end on a higher note. I also checked out a story about a couple who shared their first kiss for the day the man proposed. Now it does bear mentioning that they met and married in four months and the marriage coach in me really hopes that at least half of that time was spent in premarital counseling BUT, I want to end with their story/testimony because in a world where sex is treated so casually, it’s nice to still see people getting national attention for honoring it as being sacred. Again, God invented sex. We should treat it as such. (You can watch their story here.)