“Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”—Proverbs 31:30 (NKJV)

“Yet I had planted you a noble vine, a seed of highest quality.”—Jeremiah 2:21 (NKJV)


Now, we all know that some things are simply too ridiculous for words and so while this “news” (?!?) story did not shock me, I am going to share it for a reason. A reason that I will share…after sharing it. 😉

OK, so when it comes to reading about how a lot of “unattractive people” were hurt when a website booted them off recently, I’m not sure what tripped me out more:

1) That BeautifulPeople.com *still* exists.

2) That 30,000 “ugly people” are actually mad that they got kicked off of the site.

3) That this same site is now starting a virtual sperm bank.

First of all, I never understood who was really qualified to be beauty *or* fashion critics. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and a lot of the people who critique fashion…is it just me or do they often look tackier than the people that they are talking about?

Secondly, when asked why 30,000 people were removed from the site following a virus, this was a quote that I read: “We have to stick to our founding principles of only accepting beautiful people — that’s what our members have paid for,” BeautifulPeople.com’s Greg Hodge told The Guardian. “We can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.” Principles. Principles?!? You mean “a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived”? *That* kind of principle? Moving on…

And thirdly, as if the world needs any (more) children on this earth that are created without *this* foundation: “God made husbands and wives to become one body and one spirit for his purpose—so they would have children who are true to God.” (Malachi 2:15-NCV) Where does that say that pretty people are put together so that they can make little versions of themselves (which is basically a crap shoot anyway, if you catch my drift)? Babies are to be *created in love* not *bred in conceit*. Besides, have you checked out the stats on the results that come from single parenting? Sometimes life happens, but to *plan* to put a child in such a challenging position? It’s selfish, at best.

OK, so here’s why I’m bringing all of this up. A lot of us may not be so daring (or is it stupid?) to sign up for a site that determines your “worthiness” based on how you look (again, to whom exactly?). But a lot of us do tend to put more emphasis on our *appearance* than our *standards*, our *personalities* rather than our *character. Matter of fact, a newly-divorced male online spiritual brother of mine recently posted something on a blog for single women that I do entitled, “Where Are the Godly Women?” After you check it out, you may, like me, wonder if godliness, especially in mate selection, is becoming an endangered species.

Sometimes in the midst of all of the foolishness around us, we have to be reminded that beauty is passing. One of my friends says something that always tickles me when he says it: “The most beautiful woman in the world is somewhere getting on someone’s last nerve right now.” (LOL) Indeed, because being that all of those “beautiful people” on that site exists, why are they on there perusing for attention if their looks were enough? And fellas, I have loved, since day one (of knowing about it) that verse in Jeremiah. You *are* of a noble vine, your seed *is* of the highest quality. Why would you waste it…randomly?

You know, I don’t know if I submitted my profile if BeautifulPeople.com would accept me. But you know what? I would *hate* to tell my children that their father and I met on such a site: “Baby, daddy thought he was cute and I thought I was cute and we were so full of ourselves that one day we decided to make you.” SMH, indeed.

King David praised Adonai in Psalm 139:14 for making him fearfully and wonderfully. His son was inspired (2 Timothy 3:16-17) to pen that a woman who fears the Lord is who should be praised. ONLY A GODLY MAN WOULD BE ABLE TO FULLY DISCERN THAT. AND, ONLY A GODLY MAN WOULD KNOW THAT HIS SEED SHOULD NOT BE PIMPED OUT ON SOME WEBSITE BUT SHARED (ONLY) WITH HIS WIFE (I Corinthians 7:2).

You know, there are other definitions of “ugly” that don’t get the attention that they should: disagreeable, objectionable, serious and humble come to mind. And when it comes to what this world has to offer, sometimes being ugly can actually be a good thing. The highest praise. A great compliment.

So chin up, “ugly” people. In the long run, the rejection may have spared you.

From falling for what is passing…

Many people by…

The importance of the *contents* rather than the *container*.

Amen. And Amen.