Whenever I tell people I work with a ministry that helps free people from porn addiction, 9 times out of 10, it throws them off. For one thing, people have a hard time understanding that porn can be considered to be an addiction; the other thing that throws people off is that there is an actual ministry for it.


This past weekend was no different.

“So how does one ‘cure’ a porn addiction?” a guy asked me.

“I’m not so sure we’re out to cure it so much as address it,” I said.

“What do you mean?” was his follow-up.

I explained that when it comes to any kind of addiction, bad habit, or spiritual stronghold, we can get so focused on the acts themselves (drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, sex, money, power, fame, relationships… or porn) that we choose not to look deeper; that the things we’re enslaved to—addicted to—are often symptomatic of something else.

“I’ve learned through experience and observation that when people don’t know how to cope with things, they can turn to certain acts that serve as a distraction,” I told him. “Even if it makes them mentally, emotionally, relationally, or especially spiritually worse off. Porn is one of those things.”

He nodded his head in agreement and went on to share with me what I initially suspected: that he had struggled with pornography, especially when he was younger… and a pastor’s kid at that. It was his way of dealing with certain stressors.


I told him he wasn’t alone, and that some of the people I talk to, through XXXchurch are virgins, pastor’s kids, and… oh yes, women too.

“Women?” he asked. “They have issues with porn?”

“Dude, you have no idea!”

When I first approached Craig Gross seven years ago about becoming part of the XXXchurch team, it was because I knew porn and sexual addiction were not just “a man’s thing” and that there had to be a voice for women too. Through the years, my role has grown from a blog, to a book, to an X3pure online workshop…to now leading an X3group just for women.

If you’re a woman:


·      Who feels like you are enslaved to porn or who watches porn as a way to deal with stress,

·      OR you are contemplating being in a sexual relationship and know what you’re doing (or about to do) is not God’s best for you,

·      OR if you simply struggle with certain things about sex because you don’t really understand the purpose of it,

·      OR you are a virgin and you find it hard to deal with the pressures of remaining that way,

·      OR even if you’re simply curious about what an online accountability group looks like …


I think it would be really cool if you signed up for my group.

Look at it as a way to address the issue in confidence, with the promise of support from other women, all with the convenience of online access. You’ll be free to ask questions, share your thoughts and hopefully, over time, we’ll get to the root of some things that may be holding you back.


More importantly, this group will provide you with some tools to move you forward so you can broaden your understanding about sexuality and purity, giving you a better understanding of what it means to be “whole.”

Interested? Sign up now and reserve your spot in this new group launching August 7th. I would be honored to hang out with you.