I got my start as a writer in poetry…

So, as I was checking out this poem entitled “Sexual Healing” this morning, I thought about the fact that I have yet to hear someone provide me with reasons why they have sex outside of marriage that isn’t a selfish one. Meaning, in marital sex, it’s not just about how *you* feel, what *you* want, what you think that *you* need. Even in the traditional Scripture on sex in I Corinthians 7:5, it starts off by saying, “Don’t deprive *one another*”; that when you have sex in marriage, it’s looking out for the benefit of your and your spouse.

Yet when it comes to single sex, I’m not convinced that it has the same frame of mind. If you’re so “in love”, *why not get married*? And if you’re not into him or her, then what is your *true motivation*? Provide me with the *true reasons* why you’re intimately involving yourself with someone you don’t want to be intimate with.

I’m not even going to expound upon it right now because I’m looking forward to hearing some really honest answers to both questions. In the meantime, take out about five minutes and check this out. Two lines that I liked from this guy were, “Your body makes a promise whether you do or not” and “Start studying her heart, stop studying her booty.” Classic.