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We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about the topics we discuss; individuals who are not afraid to speak their mind and share personal insight, knowledge, and encouragement for those who need it.

That being said, we only want to share the best content we can, and we have some expectations and guidelines that you need to meet and/or follow to be part of our writing community.

Here you go…

  • Honesty is key – Anything we put out on our site has to be honest and raw. We don’t want to deliver content that’s watered down or “safe.” The topics of sex, porn, and masturbation can be difficult to address for many, so we need to make sure that we are talking about these things in the most honest way possible.
  • No “churchanese” – We are a faith based organization and are proud of that fact. But we don’t want our posts to be laced with all sorts of church speak or filled with a bunch of cliché’ spiritual quotes of the day. We are writing to a wide audience and are trying to be a “church” for anyone who needs our help. Don’t write in such a way that we narrow our appeal to a select few in the church world.
  • Quality is a must – Just because you can use a pen doesn’t mean you are a good writer. Writing is a craft and one that takes some time to develop. No matter how passionate you are, if you can’t express your thoughts in a compelling and/or engaging manner then we will most likely not use your submission, so please don’t take offense.
  • Original content only – We are looking for original and fresh thoughts and ideas. Please do not send us your old posts that you used elsewhere. If we discover that your submission is not new and original, the only place it will appear is in our paper shredder 🙁
  • Watch the potty mouth – We are not afraid of content that’s real and authentic. Consequently, sometimes a passionate post might include a couple of words that you wouldn’t use in front of your mother (and that’s ok). But don’t overdo it. There are better ways to express your passion and zeal than just dropping a bunch of F bombs.
  • No politics – We are not a political site. Keep it on point and leave the agenda-driven politicking on news sites where it belongs.
  • No hate speech – This one is obvious. Posts that attack a certain group of people will be rejected immediately.
  • No Anti-porn posts – Hey, we get it… porn is not a good thing and certainly not a healthy choice. But many people and organizations have been beating that drum for far too long, and it’s gotten us nowhere. We rather teach people how to live in victory and freedom in a world where porn exists, rather than teaching them how to insulate themselves from the realities of life. If the only point of your post is how “bad” porn is, then use it elsewhere. Porn is not the real problem. The problem is why we use this stuff and the fact that most of society and church culture doesn’t want to talk about it openly and honestly.
  • Please include citations – If your post includes facts, stats, or references to studies, please include citations and links to those sources using APA formatting.
  • No plagiarism  – We will use a plagiarism checker. Plagiarized material will be rejected. If you are quoting someone else then identify the quoted material, the person you are quoting, and provide a link to the original quote. Give credit where credit is due.
  • No SPAM or sales – It’s certainly fine to reference quality resources (including your own) but let’s not make these posts mini sales letters. People want to be encouraged, not sold to.
  • Set up a Gravatar account – If you are writing online, you should have a Gravatar account linked to the email you are using. If not, please set one up here: http://en.gravatar.com

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