A Midsummer’s night temptation.


     We have all been through it , one way or another we have put ourselves through the wringer of temptation of the summer.That pressure that might come from other friends whether they be older,younger or just a little more experienced on what seems “cool”. Some things that might seem cool are really just harmless fun ( rope swinging into the river , dumpster diving  or midnight bike rides for fun ) , But when fun crosses the line into the grey area of lust, desire and temptation you get into the business of what feels right and surprisingly to popular beliefs what feels good is not always right.


     Friends are friends through and through. Regardless of the situation a true friend will always show you their true feelings towards something that you are doing. Chances are you are participating in some harmless fun this summer (bike riding, junk food eating and getting out and enjoying the world) and that’s great, that’s what you should be doing in the summer before the grind of life comes back and you’re in school once again. Relationships are a fact of life, some of us want them and some of us have them and then there are some of us who just want to do something that feels good and that’s why I’m here to drop a little knowledge on you.


     Relationships are a blessing and shouldn’t be rushed. Why would you want to rush a good thing? Good food isn’t rushed, a house isn’t built overnight so why rush to the best part of a relationship just because you want to know what it feels like to be an adult? Chances are if you are already in a relationship you’ve run into this already and I’ll touch on this for the love birds out there (don’t worry everyone else, I’ll get to you). This point in your life the early teens is a real promising time and it may just seem “right” to try and live an adult life while in your teens. Problems with trying to enjoy the more adult things in life are you’re pressured to try things and chances are they are everything but all the way. I’m here to tell you STOP ! Don’t do it !! Not only will trying other things  outside of having full intercourse  with your boyfriend or girlfriend hurt you but your partner as well. I could quote biblical verses to you until the day is through but I won’t do that , you should be able to enjoy your teens responsibly without having to worry about sexual desires and lust because with those actions come very real consequences . Sex is a very real thing, its a REALLY passionate connection, a sweet embrace and most importantly an ADULT thing. Trying things like sex whether vaginal or anal or even oral are just the things you don’t need to be getting into, mainly because the consequences outweigh the pleasure from it . Sexually Transmitted Diseases are very REAL and DANGEROUS and something you need to be aware of. Commonly if you’re going to do something like this you know what’s typical or what you might hear what to do from the older kids, BUT STOP AND RESIST. Think about this logistically and think about the impact of your choice (do you know your partner and EVERYTHING he/she has done? Are you ready to have a kid or are you ready to have something that’s going to require daily medicine or even worse cause death or severe illness ?) I’m here to tell you it’s not worth it, not now or today or even tomorrow. If your partner wants to try things sexually tell them NO even if they say they don’t want to “go all the way”. That’s JUST AS BAD!! Why spoil a relationship that could grow into something beautiful and meaningful by rushing it for five minutes of pleasure or because that’s what everyone else thinks is right. Love is a strong word and I’m sure your partner will try and convince you that what they want to do is out of love, but listen to your heart, listen to what God would say. Realistically would you want to bring what you do in the dark in to the light? Because you’re hiding the truth of the matter by being in the dark .



Now for the ones who are single and think they are ready to mingle, THINK TWICE.

Everything I said applies to the singles as well . Just because you’re not attached to someone or you’re just looking for a summer relationship, think again please. Being single and searching for meaningless sexual contact, whether that’s just a hook up or all the way, will just hurt YOU more in the long run. One night stands end up in a category of “what  did I do last night or did I really do that with THAT person ? “ Being single  and ready to mingle or hook up with every boy or girl just to feel loved or get the “experience” isn’t the way . Seek opinions, seek God and ask yourself is this really justifiable? Should I really be trying to feel pleasure and love from someone that you don’t have a bonded connection with and you’re not committed to?


  Next if you’re one of the types that goes out and tries to initiate the hook up or is one that likes to try and justify that the different aspects of sex other than going all the way are OK then STOP!! You need this more than anyone . Living your life chasing the opposite sex just to feel loved or gain the affection of another is wrong and is only hurting you and making you unable to have a good relationship. If you’re already doing this,  I’m glad you’re reading this because there is hope for you. Whether involved in a church or not, if you’re struggling with this then there is help!!

      Wrapping this up, there is hope for a seemingly hopeless and in reality a mindless addiction to thinking that any kind of sex whether it be oral, anal or vaginal intercourse is not the thing you as a teen should be focusing on in your younger years. That being said, there is hope to be sought , conversations to be had  and wisdom to be shared with you if YOU are willing to listen to IT .


 Lastly, if you are struggling with sex or you have questions, seek the truth, seek wisdom and most importantly listen to your heart because its the wellspring of life and we need to guard it .

By William Watts