On black Friday I went to Frys electronics at 5am, it was crazy…there were 2,000 people in line and eight police cars keeping everybody in line. One guy bought eight tvs, one for every room. We stayed up all night and then bailed because it was not worth our time. We wanted hard drives that were $59….just wasn’t worth fighting 2,000 people and 3 hour check out line. Up all night for nothing, well but it was a lot of fun.

I tell you about black Friday just because it reminded me that people are crazy some times for stuff. Weather that is TVs or shoes, like in LA where one of my favorite DJs released some sneakers and people waited two days in line for Special Edition Nike Air Force One’s.

Look I have skipped school to buy Air Jordan’s and skipped class to read the manual for Goldeneye the N64 game, and skipped university classes for concerts. Maybe the “stuff” is the issue. But maybe the real issue is how stuff controls us. Maybe when when we are the least in control is when we think we are in control. When something makes us go out there and do something crazy we are not control. That something instead has control.

Not all stuff like Goldeneye or skipping one day of class is horrible. That is not the issue. The issue is the illusion of control. When something takes the wheel and we look back and say: “did that just happen?” or “did I do/say/act that way?”

What is controlling you? What struggle? What junk online? What is controlling you? What is making you go way out of your way to do something that is not you…?

Today, pray a simple prayer…”God, please take control away from (insert here) and bring me back to You. Give me strength to overcome today and tomorrow. And remind me that stuff that takes control of me does not have the last word. You do.”