Throughout the past few weeks in our student ministry, we have been diving into the topics of relationships. During the spring it seems as if every ministry is going over the same thing. I mean, let’s face it: SEX sells, and ministries know that too. But I wanted something different for my students. Something deeper. Something that was real. Tangible. Sustainable. There’s no point in doing something if it’s here one day and forgotten the next. It’s like a fart in the wind.

So we created social experiments online where students, parents and our spheres of influence could all come together and ask questions no one was answering for them. Where questions could be answered raw, the way they needed to be, straight from the biblical context. Let’s not pull any punches or candy coat anything. We all know that this is a serious conversation for our students, so instead of putting a smile on it, let’s deal with it.

So what have we found? We have found that deeper conversations on life and faith are happening. That pressure is being released and God is taking over. That God can be in control and lead you, wen you have a desire to do so.

Perhaps one of the reasons culture has such a firm grip on sexuality is because the church is either afraid to address the hard stuff. Maybe the church just doesn’t know how to. In any case, we, along with several other ministries are tackling this thing head on.

Would this make a difference for you in the student ministries available to you? To speak wide open about the issues that affect you the most. In small groups and in open forums? If so, how can we help you and your churches succeed in this? Too often we are told students can’t make  difference. Such a lie. Today, you have an opportunity to open this thing up and start the hard conversations that need to happen. Will you take the lead and make the difference, one life at a time?