…love porn stars. This is an email from Steve, who writes the men’s blog on X3…his son wore a Jesus Loves Porn Stars shirt to school…the principal really loved it, wink wink…

Before you read this, just know that it blows my mind that so many adults are out of touch…the word porn is as common as the word sex in high school.

What do you think about all this?

Apparently Jesus does not love porn stars. Well at least not at the Christian School that John attends.  He was so excited to receive the shirt that he wore it to school on Monday.  Knowing the conservative school, I told him to throw another shirt in his back pack…sure enough, he needed it.

It was interesting to hear how his conversations with his classmates went, to hear the scripture quoted back and forth…I was proud of John and the way he reacted to the outbursts of his young Christian friends and the comments they made to him about Jesus not loving porn stars.  I am troubled, but not surprised that the underlying knowledge in a Christian school is Jesus does not love porn stars.

It really all centered around the word porn; the fear and shame associated with THAT word.  When the Principal called and started to tell me that the shirt John was wearing was inappropriate I exclaimed “Oh no, Jesus does not love porn stars?”  Actually, to my relief the Principal assured me that Jesus does love porn stars.  He went on to say that he felt it was a great shirt, a true shirt and something which we all do need to talk about.  His problem was all the Christian parents who would hear about a “Porn Shirt” someone wore to school and the phone calls he would get (apparently many of our parents do not know that Jesus loves porn stars).  He was very interested in the ministry because he had not heard of it and in the end wanted to know if we could come to chapel in a few weeks (when the girls and boys would be separated) and talk to the boys about pornography.

I got to thinking about all the Christian Schools across the country and the message x3 could bring to those schools.  If we want to change the world, if we want to start talking about pornography in our churches…maybe we should reach out to the Christian Schools with a program to come talk about porn.

Bottom line…The shirt works!!

Thought you would want to know.