It’s football season–a good time think about the value of X3watch and why it should be part of your game plan for sexual purity.

You were built to be on a team! Humans are hardwired to connect with others, created to work best as part of a team. God wasn’t kidding when he said, “It’s not good for man to be alone” or when He put all those “one another” passages in the New Testament. Those who are successful in their sexual purity strategies are those who learn how to come out of isolation and link arms with others.

Get off the bench and play! No more Monday morning quarterbacking. No more fantasy leagues. When it comes to sexual purity, too many of us who struggle with porn are sitting in the stands, watching, or we’re sitting on the bench, looking the part, but never playing. X3watch is a commitment from you saying, “Coach, play me!”

Get a strong defense! X3watch brings strong software to your computer, setting up a good barrier that makes it harder for you to act out. A solid defense doesn’t win the purity game, but it does help you keep many enemies out of your territory.

Find an opportunity for a good offense! X3watch gives you the avenues to partner with other individuals, send them your weekly report, and meet with them regularly. We protect the scoreboard with our defense. We add to the scoreboard with our offense.

Be a key player in the big game! A strong football team drills a lot of areas: defense, offense, learning plays, special teams, coaching, film study, and conditioning. X3Watch can be a strong part of your strategy, but you’ll need to be strong in many areas to win.

Enjoy your football this season, but take each game as a reminder to evaluate your own strategy for sexual purity. Start with a strong defense and build up the rest. Get in the game. Play to win!

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