Beau Boken of Blessthefall talks with us in our Voices #9 video. Make sure you check out their band on Warped Tour all summer long and hit up their Facebook page.  



On the road its pretty easy to come to a show every day and there are some girls that come to shows for one reason, they want to hook up or whatever. I think if you show them respect they will respect themselves. Or a lot of times they’ve been treating a certain way and they think its cool to sleep around or whatever. I’ve definitely like taken part in that in the past and I’ve changed and realized it’s not worth it. Just show them respect and they will feel respected and they won’t feel like they’ll have to come at certain band members that way. 


Basically, sex sells and every band wants to do a music video at a strip club or most people have a girl in a bathing suit or whatever, that’s their own deal. I think more and more bands are coming around thinking they’re Motely Crue or thinking they’re from the 70’s and they want to go even more over the top with that. It sells to a certain point but we try to keep it more classy as far as we go. We actually did like a ten minute long music video kind of poking fun at that with like an old lady pouring water on herself. It was a mock thing for those types of bands and genre. 


Just with the little thing called the internet, it’s been a lot easier to access porn whereas back in the day you’d be grabbing your dad’s magazines from the closet. I think now people are desensitized to the whole thing and it’s not as taboo as it was, it should be because it’s a big deal. It seems like it’s become something that’s not as frowned upon, you know what I mean? It seems like it’s a little bit more acceptable but it shouldn’t be. 


Obviously its not just me in the band, there’s four other dudes that are around it so to kind of keep myself grounded, I also have a fiancé as well so that helps. I’m accountable for everyone in my band and I’m trying to keep a good reputation and be a good example to kids out there. 


Don’t do it! My advice to girls coming to shows trying to hook up or whatever, just respect yourself, you know what I mean? A lot of those girls are lonely or missing something in their life, dudes too. Just respect yourself and know that it is an important thing. If you can have that self control you’ll find out that you’ll be a lot stronger of a person because of it.