To sum up all that sex is about in one blog is as easy as describing how falling in love
works, in one word. It can’t be done. It can’t really be described fully. It has to be experienced.

Having said that, sex is amazing, incredible, selfless, unifying, scary, hard work,
mysterious and best of all, a lot of fun.

Fun?! That certainly is not what a lot of churches have taught sex to be. Dirty? Yes.
Taboo? Yeah ssshhh don’t say it too loudly. But fun? I don’t think so.

But if sex is not meant to be fun, why does it feel so darn good? An orgasm isn’t just
some add on God slapped on by accident. The feeling of your naked skin touching
your wife or husband’s skin feels good for a reason.

It feels good because for all the reasons that we have sex, God wanting us to have fun
with it is, not just a bonus, but one of the major reasons He invented sex.

Think about it for a second. You’re God and you want the human race to populate itself so
you wouldn’t need to keep stealing ribs from men. So how do you go about it?
Maybe a certain look between two people could produce a baby? Or how about
touching elbows? Ooh sexy!

No. God decided the best way was for two people to be naked. Not just no clothes, but
emotionally vulnerable and safe. And those two people would then enjoy each
other’s bodies in a way that only those two people could and should. It would
be intimate and exciting, really sexy and soooo enjoyable. It would be like
nothing you ever felt before. It would be better than the books and pictures
say it is. It would be different. It would be surprising (in a good way!) and
you would feel pleasure that you never thought was real.

And yet, so often we try and brush sex under the carpet. So often the view non Christians
have of God and sex is of a God who has a set of strict rules for going about
sex (or procreating, the most unsexy word in the English language).

Like He is trying to take the fun out of it.

If you are reading this I’ll assume you or someone you knows struggles with porn.

Porn, like sex before marriage, is a pale comparison to the sex that God intended.

Porn isn’t bad because it is not real. It’s bad because that fakeness leads us further
from the sex God wants us to have.

God isn’t distant. He knows what pleasure is. He created us naked for Adam’s sake.

He wants us to have fun with sex. He wants us to feel incredible and not feel guilty about

And porn steals that from us. It gives us a fake idea of pleasure so when we actually
get round to having sex, all the fun is drained out of it.

That’s why Jesus warned us to not even look at another woman lustfully. He held sex in
that high a regard. He got that the pleasure and intimacy was in the bond
between two people.

And when you look outside that bond all the fun goes out the window.

Maybe you are nowhere near getting married and this all feels so far away. But your
marriage really starts now. Because every time you look at porn and the further
you get into it, the further eventually you will be from your wife or husband
(whoever and whenever that is), until it gets to the point that there is no
fun. There is no pleasure. And you’ll turn back to the thing that promised so
much, but continually delivers …nothing.

God is not anti pleasure. He created us naked and it was a part of all that He thought was

Let’s not cover ourselves in the fig leaves that we call porn.

After all, where’s the fun in that?