This is a mantra of ours at XXXchurch “clean it up.” Simply, whatever is holding you back must be cleaned up or you will go right back to it over and over and over and…over again.

There is this passage in the scriptures, Old Testament in Proverbs 26:11 to be exact >>>
“As a dog eats its own vomit, so fools recycle silliness.”

I had a dog growing up and her name of Snickers, she is dead now. Give me a sec to mourn. Okay I am good. She was a good dog but had some vile vomiting episodes. My Mom would always make me clean it. I really liked Snicks but I did’nt care that much about her. My Mom loved that dog. Why isn’t my Mom cleaning up the vomit?

We had to clean up the puke/vomit/chunks before Snicks would eat it. Yea she would eat her own puke. She would go right back to the nasty hotdog chunks and eat them all over again. The only way to get her not to eat it again was to clean that junk up.

Read the verse above one more time. We too recycle our silliness unless it is out of our face.

We have to get the vomit out of our lives or we will go back to over and over again. We have to take drastic, sometimes uncomfortable steps in our day to day lives to actually clean it


1) If you struggle online, move the computer to a public place in your house. Get it out of your bedroom, basement or den. Put it is the kitchen and have your mom decorate around it. The best accountability is your mom over your shoulder, trust me.

2) Cancel preminium cable. We all know there is junk on there. Cancel those channels or have your parents block them and they only have the password.

3) Do whatever it takes. Define where you stumble and change that specific area. Take drastic practical steps in your life and clean it up.

4) Get a filter on your computer. They are not perfect but can block sites, programs (file downloading software) and keep you out of the rough parts of the net. Use your allowance, it is only 10 cents a day, try for free for two weeks with our technologically advanced friends at Safe Eyes.

5) Get rid of the computer / your stash completely.

I know guys that have taken their porn stash out back in all holiness of a moment smashed all their VHS (old school) and DVDs (new school) with sledge hammers in the backyard. I have a friend who does not own a computer because he does not want to stuggle – he got rid of it three years ago. Rough for a bit but he says it is worth it.

I also know guys who have straight burned their porn stash (see video below). I had the priveldge to watch as this guy (blurred) burned his stash – videos, magazines, everything on a Saturday morning after a Porn and Pancakes breakfast. Every time I watch it I am in awe.




(Legal: X3 does not endorse burning/smashing/crazy activities as it relates to your or other’s property)