Tomorrow I am traveling to Columbus, Ohio with a few veterans and legends. The legend intern Stephen Rose, video extraordinaire Sam Sanchez and Rex the Rabbit. We are headed there to do an event at a youth group and then we will be filming three Pornmobile Confessions late into the evening.

I am excited because I met a couple of the guys from this church on road in the winter. We started to talk and they briefly told me their stories. Together, they both were interns and leaders at their church. Then one day it all came to a crashing halt. Andrew and Andy quit.

They both looked at me and said it was too much, too much energy, too much time and too much about themselves. Too much energy and time being into junk, primarily porn and girls and sex and more porn and lust.

They said, it is was all connected. All of it. While being interns and leaders at their church they were in to deep in things God is not okay with. So they quit. Andy and Andrew looked me in the eyes and said that it was their only choice to stop living consistent, patterns of lies.

They are finding freedom for the first time. And it took giving up.

We have the privilege to film their stories for Pornmobile Confessions tomorrow night.

They are just two guys from Columbus trying to figure this all out.

Their story is inspirational.


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