This is a pretty basic confession, right? That’s why we’re all here reading these blogs; we struggle with lusting and pornography. But are we made to struggle every day? Are we resigned for the rest of our lives to say “Well, it’s a daily struggle.” I feel like that’s a bit of an antiquated but accepted notion these days. Sure, its difficult, it’s EXTREMELY difficult some days. In the end however, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Recently, I had used that line on some friends of mine who are married. I said, “Ya know, it’s just a daily struggle.” I regurgitated that phrase time and time again, I think using it as a cop out or justification for something that was really starting to grab hold of my every day life. The wife looked at me confused, then to her husband, then back to me and told me that she didn’t really buy into that, that she was sure that it was difficult but that you didn’t really have to live that way. She told me that she believed her husband had been DELIVERED from it and so it was no longer an “every day struggle”. That was something I don’t think I had ever heard. Sure, I’d heard you could be delivered from your sin or addiction but I had become so used to copping out with that phrase. By saying it over and over, it allowed me to fail then accept it because it was a struggle, not something that, in my mind, I could be absolutely done with.

Through the help of major accountability, prayer and even just seeing the X3 Watch software on my phone, it became a whole new ball game. I was able to think forward before indulging in temptation and really weigh the consequences; the guilt, the feeling of failure and starting all over again, and the conversations that I’d inevitably have to have with my friends and accountability partners. How good would it feel when asked “How have you been doing with porn?”- to answer, “Just fine, haven’t looked in months.” I’ll tell you now, it feels amazing!

That conversation was a huge turning point in my “struggle”, because I had a whole new perspective of the problem; it could come to and end! It HAD an end! I had no idea. I thought as Christians that the best we had was the “every day struggle” phrase, but we have so much more! We have deliverance and real recovery through Christ!

Sure, even as you’re starting your process of deliverance, it can still be difficult. I can’t tell you how much I’ve come to despise that Carl’s Jr commercial with the girl on the beach. They must air it 20 times during late night re-runs of The Office, and with good cause. What do most dudes do when they’re staying up late and bored? Fast food and porn! But I’ve come to discover that its way more about how you view your vice than just constantly fighting.

So if you’ve been putting it off, go right now and download X3 Watch. Start with that, get accountable with a few friends and start the process. Trust me, you won’t want to look back at another X amount of years of your life and wish you had began working toward deliverance a long time ago.