Everyday people submit confessions on the site. These confessions are not just from Christians but, also from people who have no religious beliefs at all.  Porn does not discriminate it affects all of us one way or another.

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“I Feel Ashamed”

I am 18 years old and became a Christian 2 years ago. I had struggled with sexual sin before I was a Christian and did things I shouldn’t have and that I regret and those things opened the door for so many other things. I started watching porn when I was 13 and have not stopped but it’s less since I started becoming active in my church. I’m tired of doing this and even when I don’t watch it I have those images in my mind come at me during church or when I pray! It horrible I started praying and I gradually have stopped. I have ruined the image of men that God had intended for me to know. But confessing it is the first step and this is really hard because I remember calling my dad a pig when I found his stuff, not long after he left us for his lover. I don’t want to look at this anymore because I am done and I just want to pure again although I will still know I did that I just don’t want to have an urge when I do think about it.