During my freshman orientation at college I had the opportunity to participate in the Dating Game.  I was on one side of the stage while a partition separated me from three college coeds.  I asked questions of each young lady to determine who I would select for a date.  Decision time arrived and I had to choose.

As I looked out into the crowd many people had an opinion and yelled out their choice. “Pick number 2! Pick number 1!”  Finally I made my decision. “Number 3” I said after “consulting” the audience.  As soon as my choice was announced there was a roar from the crowd. I looked out to see what the uproar was and they were laughing at me and pointing their fingers at me. They had lured me into picking the choice that they felt was the least desirable of the three. I thought that I was making a good choice, but the payoff was not good. In fact it did not live up to my expectations.

We will always experience some type of temptation in life.  Being tempted is not wrong. It’s when we give in to it that we have problems.  Pornography is like a promise that never comes true.  The temptation to give in and look at it can be strong.  There is that initial rush of excitement. However when you give in you know what’s coming next.  Guilt.  Shame.  Feelings of helplessness.  The realization that you’ve been tricked again.
When the thoughts come, remind yourself that no matter what it’s not worth it.  Remind yourself that just one look is a lie. Remind yourself that a few minutes can turn into a few hours.  You can win this battle.  Others have and so can you.  God bless you.