So one of the most FAQs ever in the history of X3 and maybe the Church is: What does God think about Masturbation? Well I addressed that on the Big M Word blog a couple weeks ago.

The question to follow is usually is something like this “Well I get
what the Bible says but are there any other reason not to masturbate?”
Ummm, yes actually there are.

My senior pastor at the church I grew up at calls the Big M, “having sex with yourself,” that stuck when I was in high school and does to this day. A very different way to put it, but it hammered the point home. I am not married I get that it is a struggle and that is exactly what it is a struggle, a fight, a pursuit for something greater.

I ripped this off our friends at LIFE Ministries. I am going to rewrite it and make the article a little simpler and maybe make a song out of it (kidding). Be prepared it is pretty raw-in-your-face-stop-masturbating-because-it-is-bad-for-you.

1. Masturbation makes you feel alone and deepens self-centeredness.

2. Masturbation is all about you. The opposite of the way Jesus lived.

3. Masturbation takes you deeper and deeper into porn and sexual fantasy.

4. God designed people to have spouses not objects. Masturbation makes people objects. It is an elaborate scheme…

5. Masturbation programs you to hide your problems.

6. The chemicals that are released during masturbation can make you rely on it to help you with pain, similar to drugs.

7. Masturbation prepares you for short, quick sex. Far from what God made sex to be.

8. Learning about your body is part of growing up. Habits, like biting your nails, drinking too much mountain dew, or being addicted to video games are not good for you, either is a habit of masturbation.