Think back and note what you triggers you to masturbate. Do you turn to masturbation for a release of stress? Like after you get in trouble with your parents? How about when you feel rejected or unloved? How about those times that you need some kind of comfort and no one is there? Or do you fall into temptation the most when you have too much time on your hands?

Once you figure out what triggers you, find alternative ways to combat those triggers.

One example – If you find that you struggle the most when you have too much time on your hands, look for things to do to make sure you’re busy; or at least not sitting alone in your room for long periods of time.

When or where do you masturbate the most? While you’re in the shower?  Late at night? How about when you’re trying to get to sleep?

  • Take shorter showers. Scrub up. Rinse off. Get out. Don’t leave time for temptation.
  • Late nights can be the worst, so try and get to bed earlier.
  • If you use masturbation to fall asleep, walk around or keep busy till your tired enough to go straight to sleep.

Other things that help some…

  • When you’re tempted to masturbate, get out somewhere public until you no longer feel tempted. Flee temptation at all costs.
  • Make sure to persevere- because there most likely will be times you fall flat on your face, but don’t give up! And don’t make excuses like “its okay to mess-up just this once because I have been doing well.” Don’t make up excuses for yourself.
  • Take baby steps. Take on each day, hour, and moment separately. Don’t stress yourself out by looking at the long journey that may lie ahead.  (Matthew 6:34)
  • If you are REALLY ready to face this beast straight on, and you mean it. . . Then get rid of EVERYTHING that has assisted you in “getting the job done”.
  • Keep busy, like the old saying goes- “Idle hands are the devil’s playground”.
  • Every day is a battle- stick to your guns. Don’t give up. NEVER think you’re invincible.
  • Replace your addiction with things that fill the profile of Philippians 4:8.  Things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy.


ARE YOU FEEDING THE BEAST? – Part three of facing the giant.

I know this is especially for us girls, our need to masturbate is affected by the music we listen to, the TV/ movies we watch the books we read and even the people we hang out with. So examine your life….

Ladies even if Twilight is “totally awesome” (I wouldn’t know) but if it is feeding your need for love or romance- and then feeding your need for sex- or masturbation. Then get rid of it! Go on a “romance fast” (I’m not saying you need to do this for the rest of your life, but everything in moderation.) Stop listening, watching, and reading anything romance. Many of us girls have done it, it does help.

  • Try some Christian music instead of your regular music – good Christian music DOES exist.
  • Get into the Bible! Thinking about God’s word can help us clean out our minds.
  • Keep busy- and watch less TV.

 You’re probably thinking “hanging out with people affects our need to masturbate?” Sure does! Like Paul said (1 Corinthians 15:33) “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company ruins good morals.’” So if your friends make “That’s what she” said jokes or even other perverted jokes about sex. Then you probably should find new friends. If your mind set is there your lifestyle will be there to.