JosephHow often are you tempted to sin sexually? How often do you want to look at porn?

These are tough questions to answer honestly, but here are a couple more that can be even tougher: What is your response to this temptation? Do you give into your desires or do you fight to follow God’s will?

In the book of Genesis, Joseph, a servant, was constantly tempted to go to bed with his master’s wife. She would throw herself at him and say, “Come to bed with me.” 

What was his response? “How could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?”

The wife tried to seduce him again. She grabbed his robe and again said, “Come to bed with me.” Joseph left his robe and ran, probably clothed only in underwear (or nothing at all)! That is how important it was for him to – literally – flee from temptation.

Joseph not only refused to sleep with his master’s wife; he also refused even to spend time with her. Have you refused to sin sexually? Have you refused to spend time thinking about the idea? And is that even possible? I think it is.

If it’s a person who tempts you, then don’t spend alone time with them. If it’s sexual scenes in movies or TV shows, then don’t watch them. If it’s your computer or phone, then only use it in a public room of the house.

Follow Joseph out the door and flee!

Sometimes we can do all we can to avoid temptation, but it still is there. There’s nothing wrong with encountering temptation (Tweet This)! Remember Jesus? He was perfect, but he still was tempted – he just never gave into it. Joseph tried to do the same.

It is so easy to give into temptation. It is easier to fulfill the desires we have than to fight against them, but Joseph is a great example that it is possible. God loves you so much and does not want you to be chained to sexual sins, so the next time you are tempted, flee. Do whatever you can to run from the situation and experience for another day the freedom that God gives you.

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