It is great that everyone is interacting through comments. Just a friendly reminder that this is the teens section of the XXXchurch. A teen is someone who is 10-19, just to clarify, so please read and comment but respect that this space is for teenagers

I was at the mall the other night and my friends and I saw a kid who was probably 10 or 11 years old who had a shirt on with silhouettes of strippers and: “ALL NIGHT LONG.” 

Give me a break right. Why is that cool?

This week lets talk about some teenage myths and lies…and what really is cool…

1. Everyone looks at porn and you are uncool if you don’t – um, not really I mean it is way lame when someone uses the “everyone is doing argument.” I know the peer pressure is heavy sometimes but understand that not everyone is looking at porn. Be strong under pressure from friends and classmates.

2. Who cares it is just videos and pictures – think about the kid at the mall wearing that shirt. There is a reason he is wearing it. Everything is connected. Everything. What you take in effects you. If you eat McDonalds every day it is horrible for you body. You are what you eat, right?

3. Porn is what sex is going to be like – I am not married but every one of friends who are, straight up tell me that married sex is so far from porn. Porn is fake. Did you watch GI Joes or Batman growing up? Those cartoons were completely fake. Porn is as make believe as Batman and Robin.

One of my good friend’s Stephen always says the, oh so 1995’s saying “GET A CLUE.” In the most loving way possibly get a clue if you are falling for any of these myths or lies.

Enjoy – Classic Batman and Robin fight scene and pic of “get a clue” Stephen…