In the De La Mora household, we have an acronym we use often. H.O.T because we like to keep things Honest, Open, and Transparent. 

There’s no other way I know how to be, so let’s keep it HOT today. When I left the porn industry, I had a lot going on in my mind. My goodness, I was an extremely lustful woman, and I could not control my thoughts. 

I remember telling myself, “Stop thinking about him like that.” But every time I told myself not to think about something, it was almost as though the matter became worse. Has that ever happened to you?

For example, if I said, “Think of any color but RED,” what color would you think of first? Probably the color red.

There came a day when my lustful thoughts vanished. Do you want in on my secret? I renewed my mind with the only thing that had the power to change my thinking, God’s word. I began reading the Bible every single morning. In doing so, God replaced my thoughts with His word.

John 8:31 says: “the truth will set you free,” and that is just what happened. My mind was set free. I no longer had to tell myself to stop thinking a certain way or to stop doing certain things; it just happened.

For example, if you had a cup full of dirt and just continued to pour water in it, eventually the cup would be cleansed, and you would no longer see the dirt. Friends, this is what God’s word did to my mind. His word washed every lustful thought from my mind. 

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” – Romans 12:2 NIV 

This scripture teaches us that the renewing of our minds will transform us. Starting today, will you join me on a 30-day mind renewal challenge? 

I challenge you to open up the Bible and read it daily for the next 30 days. If you’re new to the Bible, start in the New Testament, it’s easier to understand. Over the next 30 days, you will see a difference. You will conquer the battlefield of the mind.

Because God has a conquering word for every thought you’ve been battling.

One last thing, if you are dealing with lustful thoughts like I used to, join a small group online. Don’t fight your battles alone. A small group will give you a community with people who ‘get you’. Remember, we are better together.