I recieved this email the other day that had this attached to it.  I love the message it has and thought it would be good to share with the rest of our teen adiuance.  It is a portian from a book called 97: Random Thoughts About LIfe, Love, & Relationships by Justin Lookadoo.

This section is called “Guys Better Step Up”

One of my best friends has a daughter who is super-yum-delight.  She’s tall, beautiful, athletic, intelligent, not psycho, and has an incredible relationship with Jesus.  She is a dude’s dream girl.  So of course she has had guys chasing her around her whole life… uh, not so much.  In fact, she has never had anyone ask her out.  She went her entire high school career sitting at home with her parents every Friday and Saturday night.  Hey, I love my folks, but they are not the excitement I want to relive every Monday morning when everyone asks, “Whaddya do this weekend?”

She stuck it out and people lied to her all the time and said, “Oh, there are so many good guys out there.”  *News flash* No, there aren’t.  And then they would say, “Just wait until you get to college; there will be so many more guys to choose from.”  True.  And there will also be so many more losers.

When she went to college, guess what she did every Friday and Saturday?  Yep, sat at home.  Yeah, she had some guys ask her out, but they didn’t get to far because she refused to lower who she was.  Physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, she had it all together, and she wouldn’t lower her standards just so that a guy would seem like he had it all together.

In January this dude asked her out.  And man was he… whoa!  He was tall, almost 6 foot 4.  Built!  Not some steroid ranger, but he had a great bod.  He was smart, like pre-law smart.  He had a solid fam.  He was in a Bible study.  He was the package!  Oh, and guess what else he was, ladies? No, not gay… RICH! Hottie!

Well, he asked her out and she said no.  I was like, you gotta be joking.  Hey, I’m secure in my manhood and I would go out with this dude.

She said he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and she wasn’t going to be the rebound.  Hey, that’s cool.  Be he really wanted to go out with her and asked when he could ask her out.  She said, “Hmmm… May.”

Stupid!  No dude is going to wait until May.

May 1 came around and she got a phone call.  He said, “You said I could ask you out in May.  It’s May, and I want to go out with you.”  This time she said yes!  A year later they had a fairy-tale wedding complete with white horses, a chariot, and dancing under the stars [insert collective sigh from every girl reading this].

A lot of you are even sitting there going, “Omigosh, I want that to be me.”  Listen ladies, it can be.  This isn’t some fictitious story that only happens in fantasy land.  It can be you.  But girls, hear me loud.  I’ll even put it in bold letters for you.  Never, ever lower yourself so that a guy seems like he’s better than he really is.  This is an epidemic in your culture.  Girls, you try to tone down your good stuff.  You become not so beautiful.  Not so smart.  Not so spiritual.  Not so… whatever.  And you do it so that today’s slacker guys don’t feel intimidated, like you are out of their league.  Face it, girls, you ARE out of their league.

That’s what was happening in Joshua 23:7-8.  The Israelites were in the middle of a bunch of people who didn’t live up to their standards – to God’s standards.  And Joshua told them, “Do not associate with these nations that remain among you; do not invoke the names of their gods or swear by them.  You must not serve them or bow down to them.  But you are to hold fast to the Lord your God, as you have until now.”  Do not compromise.

It will be hard.  I’m not gonna lie and say that it won’t.  But don’t lower yourself to someone else’s level so they appear to be a better fit.  You make them step up to yours.  And you know what, if you stay solid and keep growing physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and socially, there will be a lot fewer guys to choose from… and all of them will be a lot better choices.