Hello X3 community! You don’t know me, but you’re fixing to.
Ready? Okay good.

My name is Jordy Acklin, and I am the newest member of the
X3 team. I come from the Great State of Oklahoma where we are known for… well,
OU football and that’s about it. I am a soon-to-be graduate of Southwestern
Oklahoma State University. I am engaged to the beautiful Lauren Faith and will
be getting married this New Years Day. Now for the fine details– I love
coffee. So much so that I gave it up for Lent because I had about a pot a
day…seriously. I love music, all kinds actually, from Coldplay to the Beatles.
I love baseball, reading, writing (comes in handy now that I write the Teen
blog), people, and conversation (both talking and listening). I also grow a
mean beard.

Why am I here? Good question. I have been a supporter of X3
for about four years now. I learned who they were from El Clinto, who you may
know. Clint is a Western Oklahoma dude too. When I got to college, my best
friend and Clint were in a band together and I wondered what was going on with
the “Pornmobile” car that he drove. He explained to me what X3 was all about,
and I was sold on the cause from that moment on.

I take it you are on this site reading this blog because we
are a lot alike.  Porn has affected
our lives. Porn got my attention from an early age. (You can see my total
Pornmobile Confession in the video below)  Whether you’re here because you struggle yourself, you know
someone who struggles, or you are just interested in the cause, I am here to
tell you that there is hope. I am living proof of this. As you will see in this
video that was made four years ago, my freshman year in college, porn was a
daily battle for me. I can say today, thanks to God, the support of my
accountability partners, and this ministry, that porn is no longer a struggle
of mine. It can be done. I am living proof.

I am excited to get to work when I move to Vegas next month.
It’s going to be an exciting ride. I will be updating this blog weekly with some (hopefully) useful information, and other fun stuff. I look forward
to getting to know you. Yeah, you. For real, it’s what I am here for. Feel free
to drop a line anytime with some love, stories, problems, or suggestions of what you
would like to read about on this page. After all, it’s your blog. Hit me up at [email protected] . You can also find
me on facebook.       

Be blessed,