“How do I know that God still Loves me? The things that I have done are so wrong I do not think that He can love me any longer?”

There is this beautiful section in the Gospel of John chapter 10 that brings this idea out to a fuller extent. In it Jesus declares that he is both “the gate” and “the Good Shepherd”. What this means is that He is the way to a complete relationship with God (the gate) and that there is nothing that can ever snatch one of his sheep (us) away from Him (as the Good Shepherd). We can expand for days on all the implications of this passage. It’s grandiose really.

As the Gate, Jesus provides the way for us. As the Good Shepherd, Jesus lovingly cares for us, even as we go astray and are under attack. He goes so far as to sacrifice his own life so that we can live. Do you get that? I mean, really get that? No matter how far off we go or how much we are under attack, Jesus is right there with us, willing to do whatever it takes to… get this: set us free!

This is huge for us to get. Let it soak in for a moment. There is nothing you can ever do to separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:39). EVER! You may think, “Well, I’ve done all this horrific stuff. I can’t measure up.” And the answer is, you’re right. You can’t measure up. No one can. No one except Jesus. Jesus measures up. Every day he measures up. That’s why he is the Gate. That’s why he is the Good Shepherd. Every day he goes the distance for you. His sacrifice, his love; it’s undying.

So next time you’re thinking these thoughts, remember these words and be inspired by his forever love for you. God bless.