MusicNoun—The art or science of combining
vocal or instrumental (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and
expression of emotion.

I like certain music when I am in certain moods. I like
different music depending on what the weather is like. When it is sunny and warm,
I love me some Justice, Killers, Cold War Kids, anything upbeat to embrace the
spring or summer day. When it’s cold out, there is nothing like some Sigur Ros.
If I am feeling creative then I throw on some Mogwai or some Album Leaf. This
saying, music makes us feel. It brings a different element that only music can

Music is therapy. Music gets us through. At least it does
for me. When I struggle, it’s rock and roll. I put on some As Cities Burn, At
The Drive-In, Beloved, and so on. And I’m not saying struggles are only porn.
There are an infinite number of struggles throughout any given day.  

Music isn’t a cure, far from it. But it can help. It makes
you feel, and in a world that has become so numb, I know for myself I enjoy

What inspired me to write about music this week is the
release of the new As Cities Burn album. This band is one of my favs. Their new
album Hell or High Water speaks about being young, making mistakes and how
through it all, you’re still a beautiful creation. I have had the pleasure of
meeting these guys and getting to know a few of them. They are legit dudes. You
can get their new album.

Who gets you through? What music makes you feel alive?