In the beginning God made man. God called them to reproduce, in this he gave us sex. The beautiful act of repopulating the earth. The beautiful act of sex is described in the book of the Bible titled Song of Songs. This book is a beautiful poem that explains how sex SHOULD be. It is the intended way that a husband and wife should MAKE LOVE. Read Song of Songs and tell me if your heart doesn’t pound the entire time. Tell me that porn can even touch this kind of love. Porn is the furthest thing from it. Porn defiles and ruins what God has given us. Porn is like throwing that gift away. The opening line of the Song of Songs is, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is more delightful than wine.”

That gives me chills. This is some type of love that you cannot wrap your mind around. You see sex is supposed to be something that we cannot understand. It is supposed to be an act that is only explainable when you are in that moment with the person you have stood before friends, family, and most importantly the Lord and vowed to spend the rest of your lives together. It is an act that is more spiritual than physical. That is what sex is supposed to be.

Porn. Porn is the furthest thing from the Song of Songs. You can wrap your mind around porn. IT IS EASY. The lady on the screen naked, baring it all for you and the world to see. That is easy. Going online all by yourself, never having to risk personal connection, just you and your hand. That is EASY. Sex is complex. Yet we have defiled and watered its meaning down through porn.

I know this seems harsh and like I am on a rant. But you just cannot help it when you read this book of the Bible to not be a little pissed off at what we have done to this sacred act. I mean come on it has its own book of the Bible to educate us on just how beautiful it really is.

Read it. If you don’t have a Bible go here. It will change your view of sexuality.
Be blessed.