Four years ago, I sat exactly where you sit today. In
school, young, didn’t know my place in life, wondering what was next. I was
asking myself the same questions you ask yourself today: Where am I going to go
to college? What am I going to do with my life? Is there really just one person
out there that I can spend the rest of my life with? Am I good enough? Is God
really there? Is this whole Jesus thing for real?

Being young is tough. Sometimes, it downright sucks. So many
questions and not enough answers. I would love to tell you it gets easier. I
would love to tell you that one day you wake up and all of your questions are
magically answered. This isn’t true. The thing I can tell you is that slowly
but surely, those questions, one by one, get answered. It’s a tough road to
walk being young, but it’s worth it. It is worth pushing through.

The battles you fight while being young are battles worth
fighting. They are battles that need to be fought or they will follow you for
the rest of your life. You see, adults aren’t that much different than you and
me. They deal with the same inner battles that we do… they just know how to
hide them better. They have years of experience hiding these wounds from the

I saw a news story a few weeks ago that was talking about
the alarming rate of adults going to therapy. They gave some scientific reasons
why, but it really boiled down to the fact that these people never dealt with
issues from their past, mostly from their teen years.

Don’t let being young be an excuse anymore.

80% of  teens view hardcore porn.

60% have
considered suicide.

I could go on with the stats, but I think it is needless to
say that there are some issues that we can start on today.

Let us walk with you. Let us help you out. Your parents may
not understand you, but we do. And better yet, I know someone who knows you
better than anyone on the planet. He made you. His name is Jesus Christ.

Maybe you are in one of those statistics above. Maybe you
are addicted to porn. Maybe you don’t feel good enough and have thought about
ending it all. Let me tell you that today can be a brighter day.

I challenge you to find someone you can talk to. Someone you
can trust. Chances are they have been in your shoes before. Chances are they
would love to walk with you.

If you have no one, let us walk with you. Our team here at
X3 and Heart[support] would love to listen. Hope is just around the corner, a
brighter day is on its way.

I know this from experience. I was one of those 80% of teens
that couldn’t break away from porn. But one day, with the help of X3, I said no
more. I decided to take my purity seriously, and with the help of friends and
my savior Jesus Christ, I have left that junk behind and am now engaged to the
most beautiful woman on the planet. It’s worth it. I promise.

If you need help, please let us know. We are here for you.

If you are struggling with porn hit us up at: [email protected]

If you are struggling with life in general: [email protected]

We love you. We are here for you. Don’t forget that.