Something I have been doing with the new year is journaling. At least a couple times a week I sit down and basically just writing everything that is happening inside of me down, getting it all out if you will.

I do not write “dear journal” or anything like that but I just write what is going on in life. Usually when I write, it is a prayer to God.

There is not formula to journaling. Just do what works for you. I date the entry and just write what is on my heart. Going back and reading old entries from the past helps me to put in perspective the present, to see prayers answered and to challenge me today to grow.Yea, it takes some discipline at first but once you get into you will look forward to it.

I just threw my journal from high school away a few months ago. It was symbolic of moving on with graduating college and moving out to Vegas. I just chucked in a dumpster. My high school girlfriend gave me that journal. It was from American Eagle, was leather and was cool but I chucked it. It was all filled up and it was just time. So peace out high school journal. I do not recommend throwing away every journal, it just worked for me. And actually I plan on keeping all mine for here on out.

I challenge you to write down what is going on inside of you. Get it all out. It may be prayers or “dear journal” style, or just a recap of what is happening in your life. No matter what way you choose to go about it, I challenge you to go deep.

Maybe, start with answering these questions: What is God doing in my life right now? In what areas do I need to grow? What are the current struggles or challenges I am facing? What stuff in my life do I need to change or be more disciplined with?

Journal away!

PS – The American Eagle jouranl. Well it good for a season but I have moved on to Moleskins, they kill the AE. I mean doesnt AE just make jeans and t-shirts. Check it…