“Kaleidoscope” was written from two perspectives. One: of a woman who was sexually assaulted by her father (and many men to follow), neglected by her mother, and skeptical about a God that could allow and love her through the pain. She works as a prostitute, convinced that her abuse was her fault, and trusts in little else than her daughter, whom she hopes won’t follow in her footsteps. The second perspective: a nameless someone who desires for her to know that she is loved, who persistently acts as a glimmer of hope, and speaks the truth of her inherent beauty as made in the image and likeness of God.

The video is shot with a single bulb in what appears to be a back vacuum of emptiness that is not able to extinguish the light – although it is but a glimmer, as the poem ends without solid resolution.

A creative team of men at Mars Hill Church Albuquerque filmed and edited the video, which is being promoted in conjunction with the Real Marriage series that Pastor Mark Driscoll is walking us through right now. This video is being released immediately following the sermon entitled “Disgrace and Grace” – which is about sexual sin and abuse.