I have a good friend that is married. And point blank says that struggling does not just stop when you get married. It is lie we convince ourselves to believe that the struggle will just stop. He said to me that early in his marriage he had to confront masturbation and porn head on because it did not just stop.

Below is a confession called “Confessing from Norway.” It proves what my friend says. It beautifully proves that there are no easy solutions. Check out this confession and the video of Chad and his wife. May you see that that marriage will not solve “it.” Rather developing a plan knowing you cannot do it alone will.

This is one of the final lines in confession: “I still struggle, but I know now when to stop and when to call for help. The shame is gone, cause the secret is out.”

I want to tell you guys my confession and the life changing experience i had after visiting 3X two months ago.

As i look back in time it’s obvious to me that porn started off as a
way of trying to forget the state my life was in. It´s always when I´m
sad, tired or rejected that I´m most vulnerable. After using porn for a
while it became more and more a part of my everyday life until it had
developed into an addiction. At that time I hadn’t received Christ as
saviour, but was just about to. That off course, was when the struggle
started. Every day doing something I knew wasn´t right, still not being
able to stop doing it. Sometimes I managed to stay away for days, even
weeks. But when I fell it felt worse than ever. This happened every

When I got married a couple of years ago my wife knew
that porn had been a problem in my life. The thing is though, she never
really knew how deep into it my heart and mind was. She was under the
impression that I “had it under control”, so we both avoided the topic.

During this summer i held a seminar at a convention. It was
addressed to guys and about being a guy. As i prepared for the seminar
a friend told me that I should recommend xxxchurch to the guys. Great
idea, I responded, trying to look as normal as possible hoping he
wouldn´t notice the shame in my eyes. Bringing it up at the seminar I
felt like such a hypocrite.

At least i led to something good.
A month later I spent a whole day watching porn. That day I skipped
work, and an appointment. It was an all time low. That evening I
finally visited this site. Watching the pornmobile confessions and
hearing the message about porn hit my heart. I realized the depth of my
sin but at the same time the greatness of the cross. Jesus have set me
free and there is no sin that can overcome his grace. I prayed for
forgiveness and it felt so good. Knowing from my previous falls that I
wouldn´t make it on my own I asked God to send me an accountability
partner. That same night a friend of mine called and said that we had
to talk.
We spoke openly about our sin and shame, cried, laughed
and stuttered. The next morning I told my wife everything. The two of
them are now my accountability partners.

From then till now a
lot has happened. Numerous of guys have confessed and poured out their
heart to me. It hurts to hear their sad stories and at the same time it
gives me great joy, cause I know that it´s the first step of healing.
Yesterday I held a new seminar (don´t know why they asked me again, the
last one sucked). This time half of it was about the challenge of porn.
The response was great, but bringing light to the dark rooms in
someones life is also demanding.

I still struggle, but I know now when to stop and when to call for help. The shame is gone, cause the secret is out.

Eph 6,11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.