What’s the big deal about Modesty?

Christ has been showing me love, how to give and show His love, 1 Corinthians 13 type of love. How I can love recklessly, as He first loved us recklessly. Love that knows no bounds and pushes the old bounds we have grown up knowing.

 One of those ways that we can love is to help out others who are struggling, and that’s why modesty is one of the first things that come to my mind. It’s about helping others fight the fight.

Modesty isn’t about legalism but the law of love – love those who struggle and love enough that we will take steps to help each other in this battle for purity in our minds, in this battle against objectifying people and not viewing them as things to be lusted after. The battle is a hard battle. With the sexualized culture all around us, it’s so nice to see women, and even men wear the law of love when they dress with modesty in mind. It gives me and I’m sure others of you who struggle- a breather in this constant moment to moment battle.

Help us who struggle fight the beast.  If this isn’t something that you struggle with then please remember to keep in mind, how hard others around you struggle.

 Give each other some kind of support and reprieve in this sexualized culture. One of the hardest parts of fighting this battle on porn is the struggling to keep lust and anything sexual in the context God made it for- Marriage- between one man and one woman.

For anyone who has regularly digested pornographic material, it’s a hard moment to moment battle to retrain your brain to not view people as objects for pleasure. It’s destructive. Viewing them for self-gratification instead of looking at them as Christ does, people with real families, loves losses and problems.

This isn’t just a battle on lust but it’s a battle for our humanity. When God gave us the commandments of not to murder or lust after someone it was not only for the person that we commit it against; but for us because when we do these things it takes away our humanity. When we view a person as an object, we are defiling someone who was made in the image of God. It affects us deeply.

What you wear is a reflection of you, and how you express yourself. What you wear also affects who you attract.

There have been times when I have said things to my friends about what they were wearing, because it was too revealing. But what I have found more often than not when I comment on someone’s clothes, most girls freak out, and think I’m either calling them a slut or they think I’m being unreasonable and legalistic and that it’s not a big deal. If it’s not such a big deal then why, do people react the way they do.

There is a line, when we could take modesty too far. Dressing with modesty in mind does not mean that you have to wear a potato sack, or wear big clothes that you drown in.  I’m not saying that we are out to save all who struggle, because lust will happen in this fallen world.  Modesty is only an aid and never can be 100% free while we live in the world we do.

But many of us can relate how hard it is to fight the fight against masturbation and lust; can we show some love and help each other out?

Girls- Let us remember that guys are visual, so can we make sure to dress modestly?  Of course! We can still dress cute! It’s not about wearing a potato sack.

 I have talked to many guys who have or are struggling with lust and masturbation and they all wish we could help them out more.  Together (I’m doing this with you) let’s cover up our cleavage, not wear booty shorts, get rid of tight clothing, and short skirts—and I know this might come as a shock… But it turns out leggings do NOT make short skirts modest, cause it still reveal your curves.

Guys- Please don’t wear tight pants! Seriously! We girls have a hard time as well! Please don’t wear pants that outline your crotch area.

Remember you are not alone in this fight! Let’s help each other so together in Christ we can fight and win this battle.