Four years ago, I left home. I left home, the place I lived
for 18 years, my cozy room with two parents that provided for my every need for
a tiny little dorm room that, in reality, was the size of a prison cell. This
brick-walled, tiled room was my refuge.  Finally a place to call my own. This place soon became a real prison
cell. Okay, maybe there were no bars and I could come and go as I pleased, but
this place had a hold on me. You see, when I moved in I had a roommate, but
soon enough he moved out and I found myself in my room all alone, sitting all
by myself with free wi-fi and a laptop sitting on my desk. Put all those
together and you have a porn disaster waiting to happen. I did everything in my
power (and I mean everything: from keeping the door open at all times, to
always trying to have people in my room, to sometimes not coming home at night
just so I didn’t have to be alone in that room with that laptop) to resist the
temptation.  Well guess what,
sometimes the door has to be closed, everyone eventually left my room and moved
on with their day, and no matter how late I stayed out, no matter how many
nights I didn’t come home, I still eventually had to return to that “prison
cell”. After all, it was home!

After a few weeks, I got sick of it. I had to get out of
there. I realized this wasn’t going to fix itself. I had to get extreme. It was
time to get out.

Luckily, I had some of the best friends anyone could ever
ask for. One night while sitting around playing guitar, I just came out and
asked two of my friends if I could move in with them. I told them that being
alone in that dorm room was getting the best of me; I had to get out. The next
words out of my friend Evan’s mouth were, “Dude, lets go get your stuff, right

So needless to say, I moved in that night. Including me,
there were three guys now living in a two-bedroom trailer. I slept on the couch
for three months. It was three of the best months of my college life.

All this to say, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET EXTREME! Your addiction
to porn isn’t going to fix itself. There is no easy fix to this. There is not a
twelve-step process to purity.  You
have to figure out how porn is coming into your daily life and BLOCK THAT

Extreme is the key word. Porn doesn’t play around. It will
take you down roads you never thought you were capable of traveling. Porn Blvd
only leads to destruction. Close down that road today. Take control today while
you still can. It isn’t easy, but I can tell you for myself, the result is
worth it– you are free.

I hope this finds you all being blessed on this Monday after
Easter. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. As Rob Bell says,

Have a blessed week.