Your mom is gone, it’s just you and your little brother left alone
at the house. The computer is on, your brother is down stairs. You are
by yourself. Alone. In a room with a closed door. You are curious about
women. You have never seen a naked lady before. So now is just as good
as any to find out.

You are a good Christian boy who has never
done a thing like this. You don’t know where to start. But you get an
idea. A bad idea, but what seemed like a good idea at the time. Besides
no one else will know.

So you snoop down to the lowest level in your life: seeking out
the prince of the world. He is a conqueror, a loser in the end, but a
savage being. Whose favorite game is to seek and destroy. A lair who is
against the very God whom you love and serve. What you are about to do
will change your out look at every thing from now on. You will never
look at a woman the same way. You will now make a check list to see how
hot she is. If she has every thing that you want on her body. Have a
guilty feeling every time you see a girl.

Now there are restrictions. Restrictions that weren’t there
before. Now they feel like a chain around your neck. Every time you do
something, your motives are being checked. You can’t be left alone on
the computer any more. Your ties with your family are strained. You now
cannot be trusted.

Why? Was it worth it? Is it worth all of that just to see a little bit
of skin? Was it worth opening up that door. A door that didn’t need to
be opened, now it is. And it’s not Jesus. But the enemy of every
Christian. Who is pounding, trying to break down the very door to which
you are trying to hold tight. Now you have so many different things
going on that you can’t even think of God much less praise or worship
to him.

This story is of my own a sad story none the less. I haven’t been
the best at winning and having victory in my life, But I do know this!
God is a wonderful god who loves you and wants the best for you. No
matter what your sin, God will forgive yu if you let Him.

IN Christ!