When was the first time you realized that porn may be an actual problem in your life? We read countless stories from people who mention that the first time they saw pornography; the images have remained emblazoned in their minds to this day, that they knew they were doing something bad even though they had never been told so. How is this possible? What in our brains or hearts tells us that what we’re doing is wrong or unnatural? You may only feel this way the first time you witness pornography. You may be disgusted with yourself for days or weeks after. But then, something strange happens. Your curiosity kicks in, you miss it, you’re intrigued, and you want to see more. Something in you takes over and the journey begins.

But when does it start to become a problem? Is there such a thing as pornography in moderation, like alcohol or unhealthy food? Will you stop when you get a girlfriend/boyfriend? Maybe you’ll wait until you’re married…or divorced? Maybe you just started viewing porn and you’re in that honeymoon phase where it just seems like good, naughty fun. Do you have a problem yet? Maybe not, but trust me, you don’t want to stick around much longer to develop the mess you’re just getting yourself into. It’s not easy to recognize and admit you have a problem, whether it’s porn or raging too hard when you’re playing Settlers.

Below are a few questions you may want to ask yourself if you’re even beginning to think you may have a problem with pornography:

When you view pornography, do you find yourself spending hours on end in your search?  (If you’re not sure, just check your homework frequency and quality).

Do you feel like you’ve lost some of your social skills, especially when interacting with the opposite sex? (Tongue-tied because you’re just picturing what’s underneath their clothes?)

Do you find it strange when not every member of the opposite sex you flash a smile at is giving you their number and winking all sexy at you? (Not every repairman is thinking what you’re thinking).

Pornography really does alter your mind, like a drug. It somehow diminishes and enhances your confidence. It gives you an extremely false sense of reality, one that is not easy to shake as the years go on.

I have a friend who told me that she informed her boyfriend from the get-go that she considered viewing pornography the exact same as cheating. He hasn’t viewed in once since their relationship began.

Girls, keep this high standard on your guys.

Guys, remember that your game will suffer immensely if you continue to make porn a part of your life.