It’s amazingly hard to know who you are these days. We’re being pulled apart at the seams with our friends, trend-setting ideology and social networking that all makes it incredibly easy to pretend to be someone we’re not. We buy into the lie and live it to its fullest.

That’s not who we are though. That’s not our image. It’s not who we are created to be.

We are created in God’s image. In a beautiful, perfect, sinless image. This is how it was supposed to be. It’s the way it was. Adam was made perfect. His one responsibility- to care for creation. Eve, made of Adam, was perfect. Her one responsibly- to be Adam’s helper. In the garden, in that perfect place, with those perfect people, they were caught up with themselves. Tempted by Satan, Eve was left unprotected by her husband. Adam, convinced his helper was helping, ate the fruit of the temptation with his wife. Satan won out. Adam and Eve, became naked and shameful, and eventually alone.

No longer were they reflecting their divine nature, but rather their new sinful nature.

This is the problem we are faced with today, and it’s impossible to get back to the garden. We can’t be perfect. We aren’t sinless.

We do have a choice. 

We aren’t unprotected. 

We aren’t helpless. 

We are not ALONE. 

The fruit looks amazing. It’s a convincing story. But it’s a story that won’t work. Because it’s a story that doesn’t reflect reality. It’s an ugly story. And it’s not our story.

We are made to reflect our Lord. Jesus. The one who came in human form. Perfect. Sinless. Tempted and overcame. This is the image we strive for. That’s the goal. No longer alone in our filth, but united with our Lord who created us. Made clean. White as snow. Blameless. Together.

Today, may you make the right choice. To look the other way at a story worth passing on. To protect others who are tempted and help those in need. To be together.

You. Are. Not. Alone.