Last week there was a picture going around the web that showed the front of a church building with the banners WTF: Worship / Teaching / Friends (link over to the church website). Almost needless to say, it created a large buzz. So much so that the church is calling the banner craze VIRAL. It is indeed a big deal.

From other churches and pastors calling them too trendy and just doing this for shameless self promotion, to others praising their efforts in connecting with a generation on their terms. Wherever you stand on the issue, the implications are far reaching.

Take this site for example (XXXChurch). When it first hit, pastors around the country gasped at what they saw: those that were struggling with the issue of pornography dealing with it out in the open. The light had now gone into the dark, and not many knew how to deal with it. After a while, the concept caught on and the idea of online accountability and story-sharing caught on. Lives have been and are continuing to be changed through the sharing of our stories and Gospel truth.

That is not trendy. It is not edgy. Accountability is not a pop culture buzzword. This is life as it is meant to be: shared out in the open, not in the dark. It is sustainable and long-lasting. Relationships aren’t trendy. They’re exactly what God desires.

How will begin or nurture your relationships this week so they can last the long haul?