When I was in third grade I sold my original Nintendo (a mistake, because I def want to play duck hunt again) and bought a Sega Genesis. The forth game I bought was Road Rash 3. I totally spent a lot of hours on that game trying to unlock the infamous, super fast secret Password Superbike. Supposedly, if you win every race in a row then there is a secret superbike you unlock.

After many hours of trying to win all the races to unlock the bike and failing I went in search of a secret code. Sure enough I found one in Game Pro Magazine when I was at the library. I went home put in the code and bang, i got the Password Superbike. It was so fast you crashed all the time, it was so stinking hard to control…

I do not want to actually think about how many hours i spent trying to unlock the secret bike. My mom would only let me play Sega one hour a day. I maxed that out and did chores to earn more hours.

Secrets take time. Secrets take up a whole lot of time, in video games and in real life. I really do not play video games any more, because of the time it takes up. It is totally cool if you do.

Secrets like myspace and youtube porn trolling, aka click here click there, trying to find junk on sites that “really” are not full blown porn sites, and secrets like watching channels on cable when you parents are not home or sneaking mags/dvds home – you fill in the blank with your secret – they all take up superbike amounts of time.

Well hear this, If you have a secret it is time to give up. God has better stuff for us than wasting our time on secrets we know are wrong. Replace your secret of porn trolling or parents-are-asleep-channel-surfing with something better like legos, road rash 3, cooking, or…..no but seriously try reading the Bible or going for a run when the secrets creep up and want to steal your time. Replace that time with something else.

If you feel like you are the only one, i promise you are not – check out the confessions section of the site and if you do not know what to do about your secret go to this past blog “clean it up” for some ideas and help.

PS – enjoy some Road Rash and the super fast secret password superbike, the music is awesome (Sorry about the violence and stuff, it is not any worse than Super Mario and Star Wars..)