I do not stress out that much but when I do it kind of gets taken out on other people. I am short or way blunt.

Usually there is not much of a reason for me to be stressed. Well sometimes there are reasons that I should be stressed but most often, honestly, it comes from being tired and into myself too much.

All too often we are looking at the small picture, instead of the big picture.

An author and positive coach dude named Jon Gordon (we had him on podcast #96) says this about dealing with stress, “I have a different approach and it works when I remember to use it. It’s called Too Blessed to be Stressed and the reason this simple, powerful saying works so well is because it is physiologically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time…take a deep breath and say I’m too blessed to be stressed. Some might say it’s corny..”

I guess the next question is: Why are you stressed? And are you dealing with stress through porn/masturbation/lust/etc/etc/etc. All too often we mess up when we are either tired or stressed. You know the patterns you have. We as people deal with stress. Weather it is taking it out on other people people or taking it out through our junk.

You have to take the stresses in you and put them somewhere else. What is going on inside of you, will go outside of you.

Try this: channel your stress to some good, true and beautiful stuff. Take a run, play a video game, listen to some music you love, read the scriptures or a book, take a nap or have a dance party in your dorm room…

Enjoy. Family Force 5 – Dance or Die