You were made for more. Not for less or for just enough, but for more. You have a dream (don’t tell me you don’t) and you have a desire to live for something. But that isn’t real.

It’s only real when you start to live it out. It’s not about whether it’s successful or not. It’s about whether you start to pursue it.

The same exists for porn.

You have desire and lust and it lives in your head. The only difference between lust and your God given dreams is that when you start to pursue lust, it goes nowhere. In fact it goes back.

When you start to pursue your God given dreams they start to come alive. They start to breathe. Which mean you start to come alive and you start to breathe.

Today you have a choice. Today you can pursue something that leads to nothing but heartache and inner turmoil or you can follow the life that comes from something bigger and more incredible than you could imagine.

It’s that simple.

Take your pick.