It is awkward to talk about, some think it is gross, some think it is weird. Yes it is the big M word. Let’s be honest masturbation and porn go hand in hand.

Jesus says do not look at a women lustfully or you basically have sex (adultery) with her in your heart (Mat. 5:27). I think Jesus tells us this because he knows how challenging this is and wants us to take his words dead seriously.

The above verse does not directly address the big M. However, there is some definite stuff Jesus is calling us to. Basically Jesus is saying do not lust. Lust is thinking about a person sexually you are not married to. Masturbation is 99.9% coupled with lust. Therefore the big M, is a big no in Jesus’ words.

Often when Jesus says something that is really challenging, like do not lust. We try to bend the rules. Well what if I am thinking about the person I am going to marry. Or what if I am thinking about soccer or checkers. That is not the point. The point is Jesus is saying the best possible way to live on this planet, right here, right now, is lust free. The best possible way to live is masturbation free.

Though this subject is one that is dead serious, I have found that one of the best way to talk about it, is with a bit of humor. When I was in high school, me and couple buddies decided to take the these words of Jesus seriously. We saw the below video. We found it hilarious. And simply every time we saw each other we would ask if we had killed any kittens lately. It is a simple and funny way to keep each other accountable. And our girlfriends never knew what we were talking about.

If you feel like you can’t stop. Do not set big goals of two months or a year. Take it one day at a time. Quit cold turkey and find some people to hold you to it. Stop killing the kittens, it is the best way to live, right here, right now.